Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Five Home Decorating Tips

Making your home look gorgeous and unique can require some serious inspiration, and it’s often a challenge to get certain pieces to work in a given space. Here are some great design ideas for you to work with, so that you can make a room exceptional without breaking the bank.

1. Design the room around a particular piece or theme

It’s vital to find a piece (or pieces) that you’re really enamoured of and then feature them in a room so that they really stand out from their surroundings. For instance, maybe you have an absolutely stunning piece of furniture that you want to feature - design the rest of the room around that.

Let’s say you have a really nice set of dining room chairs in the Louis XV style - pair them with a rather subtle table so that they really pop in front of your guests’ eyes. You don’t want to overwhelm the pieces that you want to feature.

2. Find hidden “treasures”

Good design is about how things look, not about spending as much as you possibly can - you’d be amazed at what you can find on the cheap in places like thrift stores and yardsales. The best inspirations for home decorating don’t come from expensive stores, they come from a sense of character and exceptionalness. A great designer can refurnish a old pieces beautifully to make them stand out, and when picking out pieces will rely on a sense of how to make them brilliant rather than just shopping for things that can fit in a room just like that. You’d be surprised with what you could do with low-end furniture to make it look absolutely stunning.

3. Minimalism is great

The best approach to decorating your home is finding affordable minimalist pieces to go with the ones that you absolutely adore. For instance, if you’ve got a nice table that you want to use for displaying your family photos, go for simple frames with clean lines to make everything really stand out.

Imagine things like a muted colours, plain wood, or even a faux brick wall - you don’t need a bunch of gaudy stuff around.

4. Make “boring” things brilliant, rather than ignoring them

Some of the best piece started out as rather boring ones, and it’s amazing what you can do to take a dull piece into a one-of-a-kind addition to your space without spending much money at all on it. It won’t take more than an afternoon to take something boring and make it exceptional, and you’ll thank yourself later.
Letting some pieces play in the background while picking some to stand out works quite well for creating an impressive look that won’t overwhelm viewers.

5. Good design doesn’t rely on filling a room with expensive things, it's about the right balance

Not every piece in your home needs to be expensive and stylish. You’ll do yourself and your space a disservice while crippling your bankbook if you opt for that kind of approach. Instead, a mix of chic and basics, color and bland, style and simplicity will give you a designer-quality home that balances all kinds of elements without losing your personality in the mix. It’s amazing what you can do with some refinished furniture and a faux brick wall in the background. 

Give everyone your ideas

If you’ve taken a dull space and made it amazing, please feel free to tell everyone about your ideas and inspirations in the comments. Maybe you’ve got your decorating ideas from a magazine or a website, or maybe the developed organically. The world would love to know.

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